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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Phone Tracker Google

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Phone Tracker Google

Trace Mobile On Google Maps|Perhaps there is a question in the world that Google does not have the answer in today's era, I have a solution to every problem with Google. Whether the question is of any field, its answer will definitely be Google. Mobile phones have become an essential part of our routine today

Mobile Phones

Today we can do everything on our mobile phone to talking about thousands of kilometers away from home to shopping. Imagine if this phone is lost somewhere? We will feel as if our life has stopped for some time. But Google has a solution to every problem, so today we will know how to get back my lost phone.

Android Device Manager

 Android Device Manager is a part of Google. With this help, we can find out what is the location of our phone at this time, in which direction, and we can lock our phone, on the phone's display You can flash the message, ring the phone, and simultaneously we can erase all the data on your phone sitting at home first of all,

How To Use Android Device Manager

 we have to take a desktop or mobile phone, to open the default browser, then we have to go to Google's homepage and type, Find My Device As soon as the page will be open, you will have to click on the first link and log in with the same email id and password, as soon as you log in, all options will open up to you, with the help of which you can get your lost phone back. You can also download the Find My Device Name app from Google Play Store.

Note - You can use all of these options only if your phone is running on the internet.

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 I hope this Article Help You. Phone Tracker Google

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